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Ba Duan Jin (Life Time Subscription)

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The DVD is well made with 3 languages available to choose: English, Chinese, Spanish. The Shaolin Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong exercise is effective and simple to learn. Each of the eight movements is well explained as to how it activates the meridian and internal organ to achieve well being and good health.

Elizabeth O. Tse

Shi Yong Yao, a 33rd generation monk of the famous Shaolin Temple, is one of the outstanding practitioners of some of the more traditional forms of Qi Gong. The DVD of the form known as "Eight Pieces of Brocade" is remarkable for its clarity and ease of following the movements. The spoken directions are succinct and clear. This DVD should be in the library of anyone interested in traditional Chinese health practices.

Erik C. Pihl

This DVD is well made, it provides us with a well paced demonstration of each exercise so we can easily follow. The DVD takes you through the warm ups and the main exercises with a soothing and relaxing music. As you watch Master Shi Yong Yao perform the exercises, it shows the important details on how to stand, the movements of arms, legs, head, etc... Master Shi Yong Yao is a 33rd generation monk of Shao Lin Temple from Henan, China. In the DVD he talks about basic information and health benefits provided by each exercise. With this DVD one can easily learn and practice the Ba Duan Jin.