Move: Spirit & Rhythm program @ Deep Root, is a dance program that reveals the movement and traditions of different cultures while celebrating the spirit that connects humanity.

All Saturday classes will be held outdoors at:

Redwood Heights Park

3883 Aliso Ave Oakland, CA 94619

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Pan African Dance

Move in rhythm to the sounds & music of the African Diaspora. 


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Beginning Modern Dance

Learn rhythm, improvisation, and spatial patterns from a diverse range of movement styles

Ka Hula

A beginning level class that teaches basic hula steps, hand & foot positions and execution that is  foundational in learning traditional Hula.

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Morning Qigong

Qigong harmonizes the mind & body and helps to increase range of motion & mobility improving overall flexibility. 


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Top features

  • Pan African Dance
  • Ka Hula
  • Kung Fu
  • Qigong / Tai Chi
  • Qigong Flexibility
  • Morning Qigong
  • Beginning Adult Dance

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Shereel's dance experience spans 40 years of training, performance, and choreography in a wide range of dance styles and traditions such as modern, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, traditional Congolese & Senegalese, African Diaspora Genres, and Hula. She teaches and performs throughout the U.S. and Hawai’i, having won critical accolades for major performances in the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. She has also been recognized as a pioneer in the Christian & Praise Dance genres.

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