Due to Covid-19 All of our classes are held online


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 New Move Classes

Morning Glory Flex & Mobility

  • Increase flexibility 
  • Enhance mobility
  • Great for early risers

Beginning Adult Movement Dance

  • learn basic rhythm
  • improvisation concepts 
  • Explore a diverse movement styles
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On Demand Courses

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Wellness Events

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Featured Offers

Pushups for Puncher

Get strong and adaptable!!! 3 pushup variations to make you, and your punches stronger. It will also build your stamina, structure, shoulders, core, and just make the basic push up more fun and practical.

$5.00 USD

5 Elements of Practice

"Turn anything into everything."  3 positions and 5 elements (attitudes) and create a complete, balanced, and holistic practice. Great for people, from pro athletes, to children, to elderly people that never work out.  30 minutes of consistent movement while building balance, strength, flexibility, and most of all, holistic awareness.

$20.00 USD

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Shaolin Luohan Institute

1244 23rd Avenue, Oakland CA 94606
Tel: (510) 992-3514
This is located in the San Antonio District. The closest BART station is Fruitvale BART.

Our location is currently closed and all classes are online. Register as usual and links to the online session will be sent to you.