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Calm the Mind & bring forth the inner Self 

Discover your inner nature through mindfulness meditations. Enhance self-awareness with meditation.


Essential Energy Work for Inner Cultivation

Qi gong emphasizes movement & breath control as a means for focus and health.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi 5 Animals

Tap into your animal nature and experience the subtle yet powerful energy of 5 Animal Taichi

Pan African Dance

Dance with Body and Spirit

Move in rhythm to the sounds & music of the African Diaspora. Tap into your natural ‘inner rhythm’; move with enhanced connection to your body and spirit.

Yoga (Yama Series)

Improve FormFunction and Flow

Improve functional movement, strength and Flexibility from this rare Persian System of Yoga.

Zen Self Protection

Practical Kung Fu from a Zen perspective

Learn the common sense approach self  protection with the Zen Mind. Come experience the secrets of Zen Masters and Shaolin Monks. 



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