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Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies

Oakland Based Wellness Temple

Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies is a Temple focused on spiritual and wellness studies. Formerly known as the Shaolin Buddhist Temple and Education Foundation, originally founded in 2006 by monks from the Shaolin Monastery In China, we have expanded our organization to include a broader spectrum of education.

Being enriched and infused with the culture, flow, and history of Oakland, Deep Root serves a wide and culturally diverse community.  We house and support programs, including Spiritual, Personal and Career Development, Meditation, Kung Fu, Qigong, Dance, and other wellness arts.

Enriching our community and world with enlightenment studies from the spiritual, martial, and mental wellness arts. Creating a learning environment for the enrichment and healthy transmission of treasured and timeless information.


Kelli Pilkinton

Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Head trainer Wholistic Studies
Board Member

Sheldon Callahan

Executive Director
Head Instructor

Koren Pilkinton

Board Member


Shereel Washington

PR and Social Media 
Head of Move: Spirit Rhythm Program

Gus Gates

Co-Director: King Kong Palm Program

Ron Sia

Co-Director: King Kong Palm Program


Carla Briggs

Software Development Intern

Luis Ramirez

Software Development Intern

Brian McCall Lopez

Software Development Intern



Shaolin Life

Martial Studies program of Shaolin Kung Fu, Meditation, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi.

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Move: Spirit & Rhythm

Comprehensive Cultural Dance Program, Hawaiian Islands, and the African Diaspora.

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Zen In Tech

Immersive Technical Career Wellness program.

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King Kong Palm

Preservation and advancement of Martial Combative Arts.

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Temple and School

The Deep Root is our Temple and Cultural Community Center curated by the Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies(501c3), which focuses on the deepening and disseminating Spiritual, Martial and Wellness arts. We host a learning environment for the community and teachers of these arts with the healthy transmission of timeless treasured information.