2022 A Year In Review (Top 6 things we did in 2022)

2022 year in review Dec 31, 2022

Purchased Property:

We are excited to announce our recent property purchase in Oakland, California. In our vision of self-determination, we plan to build a new training and retreat center to accommodate our diverse wellness offerings and to improve our community through education, cultural awareness, and enlightenment studies. Our 501c3 is raising funds for groundbreaking and city planning. Become a founding contributor by donating to our building fund to create a future of wellness for Oakland.

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Introduced New Classes and Packages:

Two of the best times to practice Qigong are in the Morning Bringing energy to your day, and Evening to quell excess and prepare the body and mind for rest. Our New Thursday Morning Qigong Class will help you get a double dose of Qi in your day. Led by Shereel Washington, a long-time Qigong practitioner, herbalist, and instructor at Deep Root, she will be your guide in this fantastic day-starting practice. We offer new packages to take advantage of all our Qigong classes. Sign-Up Today!

Launched New Online Community:

Staying connected just got way cooler! At Deep Root, we continue to invest in building and engaging with our community, and we are eager to share that we have launched a new community platform on our website. Shaolin Life and Move Communities will be in one place With the ability to do virtual meetups, community challenges, and to communicate with your teachers and classmates. You will be the first to know about all things Deep Root. To register for the community, click here. We offer Free access with the purchase of any class pass on our website, or there is a one-time registration fee of $20.


Held our 4th Cohort in Zen in Tech:

2020 was a time warp, and it is hard to comprehend that three years have passed. However, it was a catalyst for many things, including the launch of our Career Wellness Program Zen In Tech, to address unemployment, help close the gap in the digital divide and bring wellness to the world of technology. In 2022 we held our 3rd and 4th Cohort of people in our Cloud Computing live course. We also had the third year of our apprentice program, which offers real-world training through projects that improve the center.

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Launch Merch Store:

You asked for it, and you got it! People have wanted Deep Root gear for some time, and it is finally here. New Shaolin Life, Move, Zen In Tech, DR shirts and apparel, and more. So flex your style with our new merch. 

Launched New OnDemand Courses:

In 2022 we delivered two unique online courses that aid in calming the central nervous system and increasing mindfulness. 

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