Zen In Tech: Zen Camp 2 Graduates

Apr 16, 2021

It is said that it takes about 21 days to create a habit and at Zen in Tech our 6-week course lasts 42 Days we created a habit of meditation and learning with the goal of deepening self-awareness and self-discovery.

It is our extreme pleasure to announce the 2nd graduating class of  Zen In Tech’s Zen Camp. Each person must exercise, resilience and tenacity as well as a search for change and depth. Each group is unique and Zen Camp 2 was no exception. Zen Camp 2 was a mix of nontechnical and technical, women and men, people with no wellness background, and wellness professionals. With various experience levels and experiences, representing different ethnicities and cultural identities all of whom came together for self-improvement and accomplishment.

Our goal is to reshape and repattern your learning and career and this group went the distance to a new personal paradigm.

Salesforce and Trailhead are not easy and our graduates must go above and beyond what was expected from Trailhead. With weekly group training sessions, partner pairing; as well as acquiring trailhead badges, we know and can certify that our graduates have the competence and understanding of Salesforce Administration basics. Our graduates can wear their badges proudly!

Sheldon Callahan - Instructor


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