Three Treasures Qigong Workshop Series (Building Internal Awareness)

qigong three treasures Jan 31, 2021

To summarize the experience of Shaolin Life Qigong workshop  "Building Internal Awareness", It was a deep dive into how to tap into our bodies' subtle energies and feelings. We learned to gain awareness and to cultivate a practice that can extend to all of the things a person does. We learned and discussed the terms used in Chinese Medicine and Qigong to illustrate the structures in which energy flows through the body. We got in touch with the Yin (internal) and Yang (External) aspects of energy awareness. This was the perfect workshop for winter as we need to preserve and cultivate our energy.

Next up is the "Sacred Self Care"

As we start to move into February which comes from the Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse.” we will take a journey into the cleansing techniques and methods for wellness, beauty, internal organ health, self-massage, and relaxation.

After that "Secrets from the Temple"

Inching closer to spring we start to come out of our shell and become more active and wake back up. This class will be a more rigorous Yang (External) Focused class building strength and utilizing the energy we studied in the previous sessions. Students will learn powerful forms and patterns of Qigong and Taiji.

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