Pan African Dance Class

african dance pan african dance Jul 26, 2019
Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies is proud to present Pan African Dance taught by Shereel Washington on Wednesday, 6-7pm and Saturdays, 4-5pm. Weekly classes will begin on Wednesday, July 17. 
All are invited to join Shereel to share and experience movements, styles, and sounds of the African Diaspora, broken down to basics, while learning root cultural stories and ideals behind some dances, movements, and rhythms.

In this class, Shereel Washington will lead and show you;
  • How to move in rhythm to different sounds & music
  • How to hear and internalize rhythms;
  • How to tap into your natural ‘inner rhythm’;
  • How to move with enhanced coordination and flexibility.
Bring a towel and bottled water and supportive foot wear. Work out clothing is required for this class. Wrap skirts (lappa or pare`u) are optional.
Pan African Dance - Dance movements and styles deriving from African cultures and/or ethnically descended groups in the Caribbean, The Mediterranean, The Americas, The Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Rim. 
The term “Pan African” served as both a cultural and political ideology for the solidarity of peoples of African descent. The term was notably championed and pioneered by Marcus Garvey, Jomo Kenyatta, and Kwame Nkrumah. Pan-Africanism aims to connect and understand the universal experiences and cultural expressions within the Diaspora and include speech, artistic expression, entertainment, cultural and behavioral models that are reflected in African derived cultures.
Shereel’s dance experience spans 38 years of training, performance, and choreography in a wide range of dance styles and traditions such as: modern, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, traditional Congolese & Senegalese, African Diasporic Genres, and Hula. She teaches and performs throughout the U.S. and Hawai’i, having won critical accolades for major performances in the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. She has also been recognized as a pioneer in the Christian & Praise Dance genres.
Shereel co-founded IXALT in 2003, a performing arts organization whose motto is ‘sharing the Arts, sharing The Gospel’, through Dance, Music, Song, and Spoken Word In 2005 she co-founded The Black Choreographers Festival. In 2006, and she co-curated the Choreo-Fest at the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival in San Francisco. Shereel also served on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco International Arts Festival 2004-2007. 
In addition to dancing, teaching, and performing, Shereel studies and trains in Shaolin Kung Fu & Qigong under Master Sheldon Callahan at Shaolin Life in Oakland, CA. We are delighted to have her.   

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