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Qi Fest 2020 a Virtual Success!

2020 events qifest Jul 24, 2020


In 2019, after having had a fantastic Qi Fest on the beautiful island of Maui, we set plans to hold our next exciting event. When the time came to choose a new location for 2020, we decided that the picturesque Santa Cruz grounds of 1440 Multiversity surrounded by beautiful redwood forests, would be perfect. However, due to the wake of a global pandemic, we had to switch gears and bring the Qi Fest 2020 online. 


As an unprecedented first, we met the opportunity to reshape our vision with determination. Changing the event to an online format presented new challenges but also enabled us to increase our online presence, attendance, and allow for a better all-around experience. 

Though initially slated for May 22-24, we moved the event to June 26-28, 2020, allowing us to upgrade our online capabilities and new features like recordings of each day and an online community forum. 

The most impressive aspect of the Qi Fest was the ability to transmit our...

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