Deep Root launches new program: MOVE: Spirit & Rhythm

dance ka hula move pan african dance Aug 28, 2020

Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies is proud to offer an exciting new program: MOVE: Spirit & Rhythm that perpetuates cultural dance traditions and celebrates the spirit that connects humanity.

MOVE is a unique and meaningful cultural dance experience, as a part of Deep Root, that offers classes onsite, online, and recorded.

Dance, Kung Fu, Qigong and Tai Chi are all interrelated. They tell stories, express feelings, calms the mind and body, heals the soul and renew the spirit. For us at Deep Root, we affirm Dance as a wellness practice.

“Dance is an important unifying expression of the spirit across cultures and we are excited to offer this amazing program” Sheldon Callahan - Executive Director @ Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies

Who is the program for? MOVE is for anyone seeking connection through movement and want to experience a healthy cultural practice of dance whether new or experienced.

Current classes offered in Move: Spirit & Rhythm @ Deep Root program are Pan African Dance and KA HULA by Shereel Washington

Pan African, move in rhythm to the sounds & music of the African Diaspora on Saturdays, 4-5 pm Pan African Dance

KA HULA , the newest class offering, is a beginning level class that teaches basic hula steps and execution that’s foundational in learning traditional Hula. Pre-registration for the class, starting on Sept 9th on Wednesdays 6-7 pm, has already started. Sign up while there's space!   Ka Hula

To sign up for any or all of the classes in the MOVE program visit

MOVE: Spirit & Rhythm

We look forward to see you MOVE. 

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