Top 10 things we did in 2019

2019 top 10 Jan 03, 2020

2020 is here, guys! Unbelievable!  A new year, new beginnings, NEW OPPORTUNITIES! and boy, are we excited. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us, BUT before we share what’s ahead, let’s recap our year in 2019 and start by saying how amazing it was. So many great things happened. Let’s begin:


  1. Kung Fu Magazine Feature
    January 2019 Master Sheldon appeared in Kung Fu Magazine. It was incredible yet humbling to appear in such a high profile magazine. Thank you for all the love and support. 

  2. Athletic Playground Qigong Workshop
    April 6, 2019, Master Sheldon taught a 3 hour Qigong Workshop for beginners at Athletic Playground in Emeryville. Student participants were led in Harmonious Movement Through Qigong using breath, movement, and energy. This information is rarely shared outside of the school; however, the experience was enjoyed by all who attended. 

  3. Oakland Magazine Feature Article
    May 2019 Oakland Magazine featured Master Sheldon as one of the top Qigong teachers in Oakland. As Master Sheldon stated: “No matter how many students come, just study, learn, and grow. Shaolin Life if about the work, it is about transformation and deepening of the self.” Is that cool, or what?

  4. Qi Fest 2019

    June 21-25, 2019, the annual Qi Fest held on the beautiful island of Maui at Camp Ke`anae. In the Wellness Arts sessions: Qigong, Meditation, Tai-Chi, Kung Fu, Dance (Odissi), and Body Work, taught by amazing teachers. In addition, the Qi Fest featured a unique offering in honor of Hawaii’s history and culture “He `ike Hawai`i No” in which introductory Hawaiian language class and Hula demonstration. It was a deepening experienced shared by all. 

  5. Added Pan African Dance Classes
    The Deep Root Launch a new class. Explore and experience movements, styles, and sounds of the African Diaspora, broken down to basics, while learning root cultural stories and ideals behind some dances, movements, and rhythms. Pan African Dance on Wednesday & Saturdays with Shereel Washington.

  6. Transmissions Meditation Album Release
    Our own Master Sheldon also known in music circles as Keagan Midas, has composed special music designed for the practice of Meditation, Qigong, Yoga, Martial Arts, or for Study. It sold like hotcakes! 100% of the proceeds went towards supporting the Deep Root programs and classes.

  7. Shaolin Life Leveling Up
    Nov 2019, Shaolin’s students Level Test from Grasshopper to Playful Leopard. It is no small feat to get to your next level at Shaolin Life as the training is hard and the information is deep.

  8. Qigong Intensive Series

    For the first time, Shaolin Life offered four-hour-long Qigong Intensive. It was a resounding success. Here are just one of the many positive things that were said:

    “I’m so happy I finally got to have this experience! I plan to use the techniques I learned in the workshop daily, and I look forward to being able to join the classes regularly. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and gift with me!” 

  9.  Qi Fest 2020 Santa Cruz Announcement and Website 
    After having received considerable feedback from folks about having the Qi Fest on the mainland, we decided to do it in SANTA CRUZ. The website launched September, and we're so proud of the way it looks and all the details therein. It was a truly awesome accomplishment. CHECK IT OUT

  10. The Deep Root website relaunch!
    There's a new facelift for the Deep Root website — faster, more user-friendly, and beautiful layout and design. Now, you view all the programs in one place. 


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